The Honors Fellows Program is a competitive opportunity extended to typically 20-25 first-year students. It includes an exclusive research opportunity and stipend.

Selection Process

Candidates for The Honors Fellows Program are identified based on materials from the student's admission file, such as GPA, test scores, application essay and list of involvements. You must be admitted to Calvin by January 1 to be considered for this special opportunity.

If you are identified as a candidate, you will be invited to attend The Honors Fellows Preview Weekend in late February (a $300 travel voucher will be provided). During the weekend, you will have the opportunity to interview for The Honors Fellows Program. Twenty-five participants from this weekend event will be awarded the research fellowship and invited to participate in the program.

Benefits of the Program

    Benefits of the Honors Fellows are currently in discussion and are subject to change for any incoming Honors Fellows. Current Honors Fellows will maintain their original benefits.

    • A research fellowship with stipend during your time as a student at Calvin College.
    • Priority admission to Calvin's Honors Living-Learning Community or other intentional living communities
    • An annual dinner with the college president and a distinguished guest lecturer


    Members of the Honors Fellows Program are:

     2014-2015 2015-2016 
     Calyn Beyer Joel Anderson 
     Erin Bradford  Natalie Anumolu 
    Brianna Busscher  Quentin Baker  
     JD Croft Grace Bolt 
    Megan Daubenmier  Alyssa Bowman 
    Jenna Decker  Jesse Brink  
    Elise Decker  Sophio Bryson 
     Hannah Hougen Selvi Bunce 
    Rachel House  Ziqi Chen 
    Se Young Jung    Jay DeMan
     Maria Kim  Andrew Fulling 
     Connor Kuipers  Sarah Hughes 
     John Lee James Jeninga 
     Yeeun Lee   Youngkuk Kim
    Diana Lopez Natalie Knapp  
     Kathryn Post Heidi Ledford 
     Evan Romero Lauren Moose 
     Comfort Sampong Stephen Ng 
     Jeremiah Stout Keila Pieters 
    Jacob Stout Elizabeth Peterson  
     Flavius Tomeci Hannah Peterson 
     Bethany Verbrugge Stephanie Praamsma 
     Tanner Vincent Becca Richards 
    Elvin Vindel Isabelle Selles  
    Peter Wagenmaker  David Sweeney 
     Mark Wolf  Lara Tongue
      Hanna VanZanten 
      Noah Ver Beek 
      Jessica Vos 
      Rachel Warners