Application to Teach an Honors Course

Teach a course for honors

We invite all professors to submit short proposals for honors courses they would like to offer in the fall, interim or spring terms of 2013–2014. The range of possible courses is quite broad. Courses that have been offered for honors before are still eligible, but new courses or combinations are also welcomed. We will work closely with department chairs and curriculum committees to approve these courses, and we will continue to use honors program faculty/student ratios for these sections; they will not figure negatively into department calculations. Creativity and interdisciplinarity are encouraged.

Colleagues may propose:

  • stand-alone core courses
  • linked courses (in two different core or disciplinary areas; these pairs may be taken within the same semester, paired over consecutive ones, or in 2 pairs in each semester)
  • courses at the upper level, either stand-alone or paired

The deadline for submitting proposals is December 20. By January we hope to select courses for each semester of the next academic year, as well as a few Interim 2014 honors courses. Department chairs will then be able to plan around these pre-selected courses as they prepare their department schedules for 2013–2014 in February.

Faculty for these courses must agree to participate in a short faculty development seminar next summer.



Type of honors course:

Status of proposed course:

Requirements fulfilled: Major

Describe your qualifications and reasons to teach this honors course.

Describe the course you would like to teach. What will make it/them distinctively honors? What will the proposed course offer students that is different and allows them to pursue knowledge more deeply?

Checking this box becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your agreement to participate in a short faculty development seminar during the seminar.