Festival of Faith and Writing Scholarship Application

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This scholarship is open to students in the Calvin College Honors Program. Up to 25 awards of $40 will be made to help honors students participate in the 2014 Festival of Faith and Writing from April 10-12, 2014. The student registration fee is $85, of which $40 will be covered by this award. Please return the application form to Prof. Bruce Berglund, Honors Program Director (brb6@calvin.edu) or to the Honors Program office (Hiemenga 318). Applications are due March 20th! 

Awards will be based on the information submitted below. Priority will be given to juniors & seniors and to those whose major and/or vocational goals will be particularly advanced by involvement in the Festival. You will be notified by email whether you have received a scholarship. First-year and sophomore students may be put on a waiting list temporarily, but will be notified of a decision by April 1st at the latest.

Please do not register for the Festival until you receive a decision about this grant. If you receive an award, we will provide you with information about how to claim the scholarship.

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For further information, contact Prof. Bruce Berglund, Honors Program Director, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546; 616-526-6296; brb6@calvin.edu