Honors Application

Application to The Calvin Honors Program

Students typically accepted to the Calvin Honors Program will have an ACT score of 29 or higher (1290 SAT) or Canadian cumulative marks of 91% or higher.

If you are applying for admission to Calvin for the first time, simply indicate your interest in the Calvin Honors Program by checking the appropriate box on Calvin's application for admission. If you already submitted your application but forgot to check the box showing your interest in the program, or if your scores don't quite meet the guidelines above, please complete this form to request consideration for the Calvin Honors Program.  

Current students who wish to be considered for The Calvin Honors Program should also submit this application form to request consideration.

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Please describe any experience you have had with honors, AP, or IB courses; and reasons for wishing to participate in Calvin's Honors Program.

For further information, contact Prof. Bruce Berglund, Director of the Honors Program, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI 49546; 616-526-6194;