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The Henry Institute Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program

Prior to instituting its program for funding scholarly research and student mentoring through grants provided directly to Calvin College faculty, the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics provided fellowships to Calvin College undergraduate students on an annual basis. Undergraduate Fellows performed administrative duties for the Henry Institute, participated in various Henry Institute events, and engaged in research related to the study of Christianity and politics.

Undergraduate students are still sought for research assistance on an "as-needed" basis by the Henry Institute, and are generally paid a stipend for their work. For more information, contact the Henry Institute Director.


Past Undergraduate Fellows

Academic Year 2003-2004 Undergraduate Student Fellows
Back Row: Joo Eun Kim, Katie Boorsma, Nate Bulthuis, Ben Haven, James Kuipers,
Front Row: Zhen (Jackie) Tao, Mark Schemper, Corwin Smidt, Anne Utivlugt
(not pictured: Brett Anderson)


Academic Year 2004-2005 Undergraduate Student Fellows
Corwin Smidt with Hyun Jin (Deborah Kwak), Faith Nguru, Joo Eun Kim, Robert Zandstra
(not pictured: Nate Bulthuis)


Academic Year 2005-2006 Undergraduate Student Fellows
Corwin Smidt with Nathaniel Fischer, Carolyn Yu, Audra Groenendal,
and Philip Boonstra
(not pictured: Sarah Berg, Shiko Nguru, Melissa Rick, and Rob Zandstra)

Academic Year 2006-2007 Undergraduate Student Fellows
Corwin Smidt with Paul Davis, Abigail Rockey, Nathanial Fisher, Paula Simoni, and Stephanie Vogelzang

06-07 Undergraduate Fellows