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Initiative Partners

The Visualizing Public Life Initiative will be spearheaded by the Henry Institute through advertising, workshop participation, research support, logistics, and funding. Director Kevin R. den Dulk, with support from Program Coordinator Ellen Hekman, will provide the key leadership for the competition.

The Calvin College Center for Social Research is offering the Visualization Workshop, as well as providing staff support for students as they work on their projects. Director Neil Carlson, who has been an important part of the planning process for the competition, is the point person at the Center.

Numerous faculty experts in relevant disciplines have offered to integrate the competition into their curricula through advertising and, in some cases, assignments. This co-curricular element of the competition is crucially important. Some of the faculty (and their relevant courses) who will be participating include:

  • Jason Van Horn (Geography):  Introduction to GIS
  • Kathi Groendyk (CAS):  Visual Rhetoric
  • Mikael Pelz (Political Science):  Political Science Methods
  • Rachel Venema (Sociology):  Stats and Methods
  • Roman Williams (Sociology)
  • Joel Adams (Math and Computer Science Colloquium)
  • Bob Eames (Business), Frank Speyers (Art/Design), Keith VanderLinden (Computer Science) are also speaking with colleagues about tie-ins