Semester in Washington, DC - Course Descriptions

STDC 241 : Study in Washington, D.C. (1) This is a one-semester-hour course taken during the fall semester immediately preceding the internship experience. The course is designed to introduce students to the city and match participants with appropriate internships for the upcoming semester.

STDC 344: Internship in Washington, D.C. (8) An internship experience, normally consisting of a four-day work week in a professional setting in the student's major field of concentration. Credit toward a departmental major is granted at the discretion of each department.

STDC 343: Integrating Faith and Public Life in Washington, DC (3) The institutions and people that affect the making of national policy are the focus of this course. Combining selected readings and site visits, the course will investigate the workings of Congress, the executive branch, and the judiciary, as well as the think tanks, lobbying groups, and other organizations in the Washington, DC area. The role of religion will be the central issue - how religious individuals and institutions of many faith traditions seek to affect the climate and content of policymaking. May be credited as an elective, or as a departmental credit when accepted by the department concerned.

STDC 342 for 2015 Spring Semester: Special Topics in Public Life: Perspectives on U.S. Relations with Latin America (3) The course will survey relations between the U.S. and the nations of Latin America from the end of the colonial era to the present. Major phases to be examined will be: 1) the emergence of a Republican foreign policy that combined ideals of anti-imperial liberation/protection with desire for annexation or exclusive access to nearby territories and resources; 2) turn of the century Caribbean intervention; 3) "Good Neighbor" policy of the1930's and 40's; 4) militarization during the Cold War; and 5) contemporary U.S. relations with Latin America, including immigration and cultural mingling. Discussions will include issues of peace, justice, and human rights, as well as policy analysis within the constraints of ideology, strategic interests, corporate interests, popular constituencies, and relative size, wealth and power of countries.


Images from Washington D.C.