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On October 16-17, 1998, the Henry Institute hosted a major conference on Religion, Social Capital, and Democratic Life, on the Calvin College campus. Below is the conference program. Individual papers can be requested from the respective presenters or from the Henry Institute by mail, phone, or e-mail.

Conference Program

Friday and Saturday, October 16 and 17, 1998

Friday, October 16
8:30-9:00 Welcome and Introduction
9:00-10:30 Panel #1: Religion and Civic Life: Analytical Issues
"Theology and the Global Powers: Revising our Vision of Civil Society"
Max Stackhouse, Princeton Theological Seminary
"Religion and Civil Society: A Comparison of Different Analytical Approaches"
Michael Leroy, Wheaton College
11:00-12:30 Panel #2: Religion and Civic Life: Patterns in American Life
"Faith Traditions and Public Engagement and Organizational Preferences in America: 1800 -1998."
Peter Dobkin Hall, Yale University
"Bowling Alone But Serving Together: The Congregational Norm of Community Involvement."
Ram Cnaan, University of Pennsylvania
2:00-3:30 Panel # 3: Religion and Social Capital
"The Nature and Location of Religious Social Capital"
John Coleman, SJ, Loyola-Marymount University
"Associational Involvement is Not the Whole Story: Religion and Communal Orientation as Critical Variables Affecting Communities' Long-Term Viability"
Jan Curry-Roper, Calvin College
4:00-5:30 Panel #4: Religion and Civic Engagement
"Religion, Privatization, and Civic Life: The Nature of Civic Engagement in a Changing Religious Environment"
Donald E. Miller, University of Southern California
"Does Religion Matter? Projecting Democratic Power into the Public Arena"
Richard L. Wood, University of New Mexico
Saturday, October 17
9:00-10:30 Panel #5: Religious Structures and Social Capital
"Can Religion Expand Democratic Participation: Lessons from Faith-based Community Organizing"
Mark Warren, Fordham University
"The Public Lives of Private Schoolers: Religion, Schooling Choices for Children, and Civic Participation."
David Sikkink, University of North Carolina
11:00-12:30 Panel #6: Religion and Civic Participation
"Local Churches, Local Politics: Religion, Mobilization, and Participation in the Neighborhood Context"
Tobin Grant, Steve Mockabee, and Quin Monson, Ohio State University
"Religious Involvement, Social Capital, and Political Engagement: A Comparison of the United States and Canada"
Corwin Smidt, Calvin College, John Green, University of Akron James Guth, Furman University, and Lyman Kellstedt, Wheaton College
2:00-3:30 Panel # 7: Religion and the Development of Civic Virtues
"The Religious Basis of Volunteerism in America"
David Campbell and Steve Yonish, Harvard University
"The Religious Basis of Charitable Giving in America"
Roger Nemeth and Donald Luidens, Hope College
4:00-5:30 Panel #8: Religion and the Renewal of Democratic Life
"The Language of God in the City of Man: Religious Discourse and Public Politics in America."
Rhys Williams, Southern Illinois University
"Religion and the Renewal of Civic Life"
Wilson Carey McWilliams, Rutgers University

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