Highlights from the Seventh Annual Henry Lecture
Delivered by Tim Goeglein

Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Liason

"Faith and the Public Arena"
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Tim Goeglein, the Seventh Annual Paul B. Henry Lecture, April 28, 2003
Tim Goeglein, the Seventh Annual Paul Henry Lecturer
April 28, 2003

" . . . today, whether you live in Grand Rapids, Michigan or
Washington, DC, it goes without saying that we too are in momentous
times. No doubt these are choppy seas, and in order to navigate them
one needs a compass. Not a compass to point you between east and west,
north and south. Rather a moral compass that can direct you through
humility and shame, ego and honor, and ultimately to truth."

Corwin Smidt, executive director of the Henry InstituteCorwin Smidt, Director of the Henry Institute, introduced Mr. Goeglein.







Michigan State Senator Bill Hardiman and his wife, Clovis Hardiman, were among local politicans and dignitaries who were in addendance.




Mr. James Stokes and Mrs.Karen Henry Stokes. Mrs Stokes is the widow of the late Paul B. Henry, the inspiration for the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Poliitics.




Reverend Ren Broekhuizen and Mrs. Elsa Prince-Broekhuizen.Reverend Ren Broekhuizen and Mrs Elsa Prince-Broekhuizen. The Prince Conference Center was named in the honor of Mrs. Prince-Broekhuizen, a longtime supporter of Calvin College


Vern Ehlers and Calvin p[rofessor Jim Penning. Michigan congressman Vern Ehlers shares a joke with Calvin political science professor Jim Penning. Congressman Ehlers is a former Physics professor here at Calvin and is one of Calvin's distinguished alumni.