Bro. Broseph. Brosephus.

Whatever your word for it, Calvin guys have it. That bond. That brotherly love. It's the thing that turns two roommates—once complete strangers from opposite coasts—into instant and life-long friends. It's the thing that packs half the floor into your room way too late on a Tuesday night just to get in "one more game" of Smash Brothers. And it's the thing that makes you pull just a little bit harder on that tug-of-war rope when you're battling it out during Chaos Day. But more than all that, it's what makes you feel welcome and wanted, no matter where you find yourself on Calvin's campus.

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Brawny brains.

Is it possible for a brain to develop a six-pack? Probably not. But if it were, Calvin is where it'd happen. A Calvin Gentleman isn't afraid to put in the hard work—physically as well as mentally. Here, you'll receive a rigorous education that will prepare you for life and open avenues you never expected. And we're not simply training you to perform a task—you can learn that from a book or a few YouTube videos. We're teaching you to think. To grow. To see things and think things and rise above the status quo, equipped to lead and serve in God's world.

slide image Lew Klatt Brian Fuller Bruce Berglund Cal Jen Joel Adams

NAME: Lew Klatt
SUBJECT: English
WHY YOU WANT TO KNOW HIM: 1) Look at that beard! and 2) he’s considered one of the best poets in the country.

NAME: Brian Fuller
SUBJECT: Media production
WHY YOU WANT TO KNOW HIM: He holds the keys to Calvin’s sweet film equipment and can help you become the next JJ Abrams.

NAME: Bruce Berglund
SUBJECT: History
WHY YOU WANT TO KNOW HIM: He has that perfect mix of style and substance.

NAME: Cal Jen
SUBJECT: Business
WHY YOU WANT TO KNOW HIM: He has the charisma to make an 8am lecture on business ethics FUN.

NAME: Joel Adams
SUBJECT: Computer science
WHY YOU WANT TO KNOW HIM: The force is strong with this one. He has a completely legit "Jedi Trainer." Ask him about it.



Good game.

"A gentleman on and off the field" is the motto of Calvin's sportsmen. Many schools will tout an equal commitment to both education and sport, but Calvin truly lives it out. If you're a member of one of our 21 varsity sports teams, you'll study and live alongside your teammates, as committed to one another in academics as you are in the heat of the game. And it doesn't just stop at varsity sports: Calvin has enough recreational and intramural teams to ensure you'll find a place to get your game on. Even our virtual athletes (ahem, gamers) will find a place in our video game club and floor gaming tournaments.

slide image DO cheer on your Calvin Knights DON'T get the name wrong DO bring a towel DONT bring a beach towel DO sing the Calvin Fight Song DON'T do it in class


Heart and soul.

Calvin is where you come to make your faith your own. It's not about having it all figured out when you arrive on campus, and it's not even about having all the answers when you toss your graduation cap. It's about the journey. The process. Here, you'll discuss and learn and stretch and go, "Wow, I never thought about that!" more times that you can imagine. You will see that faith and life are completely intertwined. Religion is not simply a class and Christian is not simply a label. You'll find it lived out in the prayer at the start of your 9:00 Econ class and during the thoughtful discussion you have with the band members of fun.

slide image Calvin Luther Knox Arminius Zwingli

NAME: John Calvin
BEARD STYLE: "The Wizard"
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: A long, straight beard is important for stroking when deep in thought.

NAME: Martin Luther
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Dared to be clean-shaven when most of his peers sported beards, proving himself above the pressure.

NAME: John Knox
BEARD STYLE: "The John Calvin"
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Bears striking resemblance to John Calvin—though, notice the extra fullness to his beard! Never underestimate the importance of beard conditioner, gentlemen.

NAME: Jacobus Arminius
BEARD STYLE: "The Conquistador"
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: Want to prop up and frame your meticulously-sculpted stache and beard? Consider a ruffled collar.

NAME: Ulrich Zwingli
WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: A closer inspection reveals a slight 5 o'clock shadow. Take heart, slow-growers!



Ready. Set.

So you've put in four years in college. Now what? You want something to show for it. You want to put your shiny new diploma to the test—to get out there and get going. Calvin is your way there. The mind you'll build here will be your greatest asset. It's not just Calvin's 99% job and grad school placement rate. It's not just the constant stream of anecdotes from employers who say how skilled and employable Calvin grads are. It's that you're ready. Ready for more. Ready for whatever twists and turns your life takes—ready to go.

slide image 99% 2011 grads either employed or in grad school 80% had internships 70% internships paid in cash Top internships Grad schools


In good taste.

Unironically-worn bowtie? Check. Coffee (black with an extra shot)? Check. Tickets to tonight's sold out show? Double check. A Calvin Gentleman is a man of discernment—in dress, in dining and in all areas of life. And yet, he's sophisticated without being snotty. Classy without being cliquey. Confident without being cocky. He's a guy you want to get to know and a guy who's happy to get to know you. Not to mention he's always in-the-know: where to score the best sandwich on campus, what's the best hotdog joint in town and how to make the most of a Friday night.

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Plugged in.

The college experience is as much about the time spent outside the classroom as in. It's up to you to figure out what to do with that time. A Calvin Gentleman is a guy who dares to explore new options—to re-invent himself—by getting plugged in to new opportunities. And believe us, Calvin has a lot to choose from. From 70+ student organizations to intramural sports to on-campus concerts and films, you will not be bored. So go ahead, take a risk. Dare to be bad at something. You might just find a new passion, a new hobby, even a new major. And you'll probably meet a bunch of really cool people along the way.

Listen up:

Listen up

(All songs are from bands that have played at Calvin within the last 5 years.)



Buckle up.

Just like your mom once told you, Calvin Gentleman need to "go play outside" once in a while. While there's plenty to do on Calvin's incredible campus—a climbing wall, Olympic-sized pool, tennis courts, ecosystem preserve—sometimes you need to shake things up a bit. That means signing up for a Wilderness Orientation trip to go rafting in the Rockies. It means learning to surf on an interim trip to Costa Rica, and falling asleep under the stars. It means studying abroad for a semester in Spain, trying foods you can't pronounce and learning how to ride a Vespa. It definitely means getting up, getting out and taking advantage of some of the best years of your life.

slide image Spork TP Bell Knife Phone

WHAT: Spork
WHY YOU NEED IT: Because you never do know when you'll need to eat both soup and mashed potatoes in the same meal.

WHY YOU NEED IT: Because, let's face it, using leaves always runs the risk of poison ivy.

WHAT: Bear bell
WHY YOU NEED IT: Because it keeps bears away AND puts everyone in a festive, Christmas cheer.

WHAT: Multipurpose knife
WHY YOU NEED IT: For when you have that life-threatening hangnail in the middle of nowhere!

WHAT: Smart phone
WHY YOU NEED IT: Because how else are you going to keep up with The Walking Dead in the middle of the woods?


Allow us to introduce you to eight all-around awesome guys. Although vastly different, they all share a common trait: each is a gentleman of Calvin College.

What do we mean by "gentleman?" We don't mean perfect, completely put-together or better than you. Being a gentleman simply asks that you reach for a higher rung and don't settle for a life of "getting by" or "good enough."

At Calvin, it's what we want for our men.

We hope you'll enjoy these stories. As you do, imagine what being a Calvin gentleman might look like for you.



So what's with the whole "gentlemen" thing?

"Gentlemen" is a word that's taken on many different meanings over time. Some good, some bad. We use the word here in what we think is its best sense—that is, someone who reaches for a higher rung and doesn't settle for a life of getting by or good enough.

In doing so, we stare in the face of the negative connotations and seek to, in some small way, reclaim the word. To start to associate it with the good, the upright, the compassionate, the Christ-like. We can't think of eight better guys to help us do just that.



You may be asking yourself, "What's with the squirrels? Why are they featured so prominently on this page?" Allow us to answer your question with another question: why aren't squirrels featured this prominently on every page?

You see, like so many colleges across North America, Calvin's campus is inhabited by a large number of squirrels. (Or should we say, this particular squirrel habitat happens to host a college?) Yet unlike those other schools, Calvin's squirrels are special. You can see it in their eyes: a spark. An awareness. A sort of knowing look that says, "I know where you sleep!". They demand respect and—some would say—are the unofficial and unspoken "true" mascot of the institution.

It is for that reason that we could think of no better creature to stand within our crest than the squirrel. With dignity, poise and a bushy tail, they hold the mantle high, for our generation and those to come.



Calvin's campus: now with 99% certified friendly squirrels.



A squirrel's brain is about the size of a walnut. Mmmm... walnuts.



Squirrels can run about 12 mph. Adjusted to human size, that's about 80mph.



Most Calvin grads experience tree climbing skill increases of around 300%. That's a résumé-booster right there!



92% of the trees on Calvin's campus are climbable, which is far above the national average of 79%.



Male squirrels take twice as long as females to groom themselves and are the cleanest in the rodent family. Naturally.



Stuffing some berries & acorns into your cheeks before your next hike is an easy way to get an energy blast on-the-go!



Pick the screen resolution that's right for you and get downloading!



Pick the screen resolution that's right for you and get downloading!