C-Talks; You at Calvin

WEEK ONE - What is "vocation"?

The Calvin Community defines and describes vocation.

Learn the value of a liberal arts education from philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff and College President Michael Le Roy.

WEEK TWO - Vocation of student: identity

Students give advice they wish someone had told them when they came to college.

WEEK THREE - Vocation of student: practices

Learning to balance life in college is tough, hear what some students have to say about it.

What makes a student successful in college? Hear what some students have to say.

WEEK FOUR - Vocation of citizen

The From Every Nation or FEN document grows out of Calvin’s commitment to build a welcoming community that reflects Revelation 7:9.

Le Roy reminds students that a diversity of opinions is good for College presidents, professors, and students.

WEEK FIVE - Student conferences (no class)

WEEK SIX - Vocation of student and beyond: resilience

College can be challenging, learn where to turn when faced with a challenge.

Nicholas Wolterstorff describes how students should look at the world and how he coped after his son’s death.

WEEK SEVEN - Vocation of professor

Getting ready for the next semester & choosing classes can be frightening; don’t worry your advisor can help.

Biology Professor Amy Wilstermann encourages students to explore the living world.

While you shouldn’t give the same advice to everyone, Le Roy and Wolterstorff give their best tips to students.

History Professor Young Kim describes his goal to teach students the skills of writing, reading, and speaking.