Grants are typically need-based awards and, like scholarships, do not need to be repaid. Eligibility is determined by filing the FAFSA and/or institutional forms (such as the Calvin Supplemental Aid Form or the Canadian Financial Aid Form) each year. Learn more about your eligibility for financial aid. 


GrantEligibilityAnnual Award
Calvin Grant Financial need determined by the FAFSA and Calvin Supplemental Aid Form

Up to $17,000

International Grant Financial need determined by the International Application for Financial Aid

Up to $17,000


GrantEligibilityAnnual Award
Federal Pell Grant* Financial need determined by the FAFSA Up to $5,645
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)* Financial need determined by the FAFSA (must be Pell Grant eligible) Up to $1,200
Federal TEACH Grant*
  • Must agree to teach in a school serving low-income students for 4 years
  • Must be qualified to teach in a high-demand subject area
up to $4,000

*The Federal TEACH Grant is not determined by financial need. The grant converts into a direct unsubsidized loan if the agreement is not fulfilled.


GrantEligibilityAnnual Award
Michigan Tuition Grant
Michigan Competitive Scholarship*
  • Tuition grant awarded to Michigan residents with qualifying financial need attending a private college
  • Competitive scholarship awarded to those with qualifying financial need and ACT score
Up to $1,524

*Funding for federal and state grant programs subject to annual budget decisions. 

Denominational Grants

Awarded to members of the Christian Reformed Church in North America as a result of contributions from the denomination. It is available for up to 5 years automatically. No application is required. 

Annual Award 
Denominational Grant $1,500