Scholarship Renewal

Academic scholarship renewal

Your academic scholarship is potentially renewable for up to five years. The amount of this scholarship can increase or decrease depending on your cumulative GPA at Calvin.

See scholarship renewal information based on when you entered Calvin: 

When your scholarship amount is determined

  • If you are a first-year student, your cumulative GPA will not be reviewed until after your second semester (spring) grades come in.
  • If you are a returning Calvin student, the GPA used to determine your academic scholarship renewal is your cumulative GPA at the end of interim.

Appeal your academic scholarship change

If your academic scholarship amount was changed, you can submit an appeal letter requesting that your original award be reinstated.

When and where to submit your appeal letter

You may write an appeal letter to the Committee on Scholarships and Financial Aid at by June 30 for first-year students and June 1 for all other students.

What to include in your letter

  • Describe the special circumstances on which you are basing your appeal.
  • Include any supporting documentation (such as a letter from a doctor or counselor) that would help the committee in its review of the situation.

Reinstate your academic scholarship

If you entered Calvin in the fall of 2009 or after, your academic scholarship will be automatically reinstated if you meet the renewal criteria.

If you entered Calvin before the fall of 2009, check out the criteria for scholarship reinstatement and then submit the scholarship reinstatement request form.