Scholarship Renewal for Students Who Entered Calvin Summer 2012 to present

Renew your scholarship 

To renew your original academic scholarship you must maintain the minimum cumulative Calvin GPA as shown in the chart below. If your cumulative Calvin GPA falls below the minimum cumulative GPA, your scholarship will be renewed at the corresponding minimum GPA level. 

You may receive an Academic Achievement Award of up to $2,000 if your cumulative Calvin GPA is .4 points above the minimum requirement for your original academic scholarship. This award is available for up to four years if you maintain the cumulative achievement GPA. 

Academic ScholarshipMinimum Cumulative GPAAcademic Achievement GPAAcademic Achievement Award
 National Merit Satisfactory academic progress  Not applicable  Not applicable 
 Trustee 3.5  Not applicable  Not applicable 
 Presidential 3.5  3.9  $2,000 
 Dean's 3.4  3.8  $2,000
 Faculty Honors 3.3  3.7  $2,000
 Honors 3.2  3.6  $2,000
 Knollcrest 3.0  3.4  $2,000
 None Not applicable  3.4  $2,000 

When your scholarship amount is determined

First-year students: Cumulative GPA results are measured after spring grades are posted. At this point, you will automatically be considered for scholarship renewal and Academic Achievement Awards. You will notified with results in June. 

After your first year: Cumulative GPA results are measured after interim grades are posted. You will receive a scholarship renewal notice in April. 


Please contact us if you have any questions about your academic scholarship.