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At Calvin, we participate in a variety of worship practices. We have services involving music, preaching, arts, readings, and more. Below are a sampling of recent services we believe are worth taking another look at.



On Tuesday, September 17th, we experienced the campus-wide Bible study passage, Exodus 3, through creative and artistic expressions.


SING: Student Worship Team

On Friday, September 20th, we worshipped together as we celebrated the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


EXPERIENCE: Exodus 5:1-6:1

On Tuesday, September 24th, we invited our community to come experience Exodus 5:1-6:1 in fresh ways through art, song, and spoken word.


SING: Student Worship Team

On Friday, September 27th,we joined our voices to celebrate the beauty and power of God’s name!


GROW: Laura Smit

On Monday, September 30th, we listened and responded to God’s Word with Dr. Laura Smit, Associate Professor of Religion. We continued our series on the Ten Commandments:  “Remember the Sabbath day…”


SING: Nate Glasper Jr.

On Friday, October 4th, we joined our voices in praising our great God with local worship leader and assistant director of the Calvin Gospel Choir, Nate Glasper, Jr.


GROW: Christian Edmondson

On Monday, October 7th, we UNLEARNed together as we listened and responded to God’s Word with Christina Edmondson, Interim Dean of Multicultural Student Development.


TESTIFY: UnLearn - Kyle Lim

As part of UnLearn Week, on Wednesday, October 9th, we came together and listened to a testimony from Kyle Lim of Tall Turf ministries of what it means to grow up biracial.


SING: Gospel Choirs

On Friday, October 11th, we joined our Latvian sisters & brothers of the Riga Gospel Choir as well as our own Calvin Gospel Choir as we praised the God of all nations.


TESTIFY: Eric Nykamp

On Wednesday, October 16th, we heard from Eric Nykamp, artist, musician, and Calvin Alumnus, as he shared about the people at Calvin God used to shape him as a follower of Jesus.



On Tuesday, October 22nd, we experienced Exodus 16 as we used word, image, drama, & song to contemplate what it means to be satisfied.


GROW: Aminah Bradford

On October 28th, we grew together with Aminah Bradford, Associate Chaplain for Residence Life, on the commandment, “You shall not commit adultery.”


TESTIFY: Gospel Choir Guatemala

On November 6th, we heard the Calvin College Gospel Choir testify to how they saw God’s hand in their Guatemala tour this past summer.



On November 12th we came together and experienced Exodus 33 through the arts as we rested in God’s presence.


GROW: Michelle Loyd-Paige

As we concluded our series on the Ten Commandments, we grew together with Michelle Loyd-Paige, Dean for Multicultural Affairs on November 18th. The commandment was “You shall not envy…”


TESTIFY: Messiah Sing

On December 4th we came to the CFAC for Chapel to testify to Christ’s birth as we sang portions of Messiah with the Calvin Orchestra, directed by John Varineau.


TESTIFY: Joel Navarro

On January 22nd we heard from Music Professor, Joel Navarro as he testified to God’s call to suffer.


GROW: Tarence Lauchie

On February 3rd we grew together as we listened and responded to God’s Word with Tarence Lauchie, Senior Pastor, Grace for the Nations Church. We began a series, The Fruit of the Spirit— Humility (Luke 18:14).


PRAY: Contentment

On February 11th, we invited the community to join us in praise, psalm, proclamation, and prayer as we explored the theme of contentment.


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