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Meet with a Spiritual Director

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual Director

Spiritual direction is the process of meeting with someone--a Spiritual Director--who will pray, listen and converse with you about your relationship with our Lord. Together you look, pray and seek to see how the Holy Spirit is active in your life. No need for a specific problem, just a desire to talk about God in your life.

You might like a Spiritual Director if you:

  • want to deepen your relationship with God in ordinary life
  • want someone to pray with in a safe and confidential place
  • want to place your life story in the Big story


My name is Sharon Bytwerk. I work in the Campus Ministries Department and offer spiritual direction for anyone in the Calvin community, whether student, staff or faculty. I would like to hear your story, talk and pray with you. In fact, I would be honored to do so.

Contact me if you have any questions or want an initial meeting. We can meet once, twice, or regularly (once or twice a month) -- you decide.

Contact info:

Sharon Bytwerk
Spiritual Director
Campus Ministries at Calvin College

Office: 215 Chapel Undercroft
Phone: 526-8872

Please note: Email is the preferred mode of contact.