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The Mentoring Program at Calvin College seeks to develop maturing and increasingly devoted disciples of Jesus Christ among the students of Calvin College by linking one generation of Jesusí followers with the next in mentoring relationships. By pairing students with mentors and offering an incentive to begin (or continue) a mentoring relationship, the Mentoring Scholarship encourages students to experience the profound impact of having a mentor in their lives.

Those students who have demonstrated met the program requirements, desire to continue investing in a mentoring relationship and have financial need, will be selected for renewal of the Mentoring Scholarship in the form of a $600 stipend per semester towards their 2009-2010 tuition. Students who receive a renewal of the Mentoring Scholarship are required to meet a minimum of six times per semester with a mentor; set goals for growth and keep a personal mentoring journal; communicate with the Mentoring Coordinator and meet at least once for accountability and prayer; write a thank you note to the scholarship donor (fall) and a reflection on mentoring (spring); commit to passing on the gift of mentorship in some way.

How to Get a Mentor

Fill out a form if you are interested in receiving a mentor.

Scholarship Information

The Mentoring Scholarship offers an incentive to begin or continue a mentoring relationship, which includes setting goals for personal and spiritual growth.

The scholarship will be awarded to students who demonstrate a genuine desire and commitment to grow through a mentoring relationship. Students who are selected will receive $600 per semester towards tuition.

Applications for 2011-2012 will be available by the end of January

Mentoring Resources

Click here for mentoring resources