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Residence Hall Opportunities

Residence Hall Opportunities

Looking to integrate faith more into your life? Why not start right in your residence hall? There are several opportunities to meet new folks, grow in your faith and delve deeper into the large questions. Each hall is home to Barnabas teams. A great first step is to find your Barnabas person and chat about opportunities.

Here are a few of the options:

  • Floor Bible studies

    • Connect with the Barnabas leader on your floor to find out what Bible studies and discipleship groups are currently meeting on your floor. Opportunities to lead studies are also available. Your Barnabas will be happy to facilitate this. 
  • Dorm Worship

    • Every Wednesday night student-led worship is available. Take a break and join us or contact your Barnabas to sign up to help lead.
  • Late-Nights and Free Styles

    • Looking to integrate faith into more of your life? Come to these weekly student-led events where your peers explore living out the whole gospel. These events coordinated by the dorm MAC, CPC, Barnabas, AC and CD all working together!  Contact your AC (activity coordinator) for details.
  • Discipleship

    • Contact your floor Barnabas to find out what unique opportunities are happening on your floor. Also, if you have suggestions, your Barnabas is eager to listen!
  • Prayer

    • Each dorm has a prayer room maintained by the Barnabas Team. Take time here to listen, reflect and pray. Students often gather here as well to pray together.
    • If you need to pray with someone, feel free to contact your floor Barnabas, your RA, RD or the associate chaplains for residence life
  • Leadership