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Mentoring Scholarship 2014-2015


The Mentoring Program at Calvin College seeks to develop maturing and increasingly devoted disciples of Jesus Christ among the students of Calvin College by linking one generation of Jesusí followers with the next in mentoring relationships. By pairing students with mentors and offering an incentive to begin (or continue) an intentional relationship, the Mentoring Scholarship encourages students to experience the profound impact of having a mentor in their lives.

Students demonstrating a genuine desire to invest in a mentoring relationship along with financial need may apply to receive the Mentoring Scholarship in the form of a $700 stipend per semester towards their 2014-2015 tuition.

NOTE: This scholarship is a unique opportunity for students who are entering their sophomore year or above.


Students who receive the Mentoring Scholarship for 2014-2015 will be required to:

  1. Attend a mentoring program orientation.
  2. Take the initiative to meet with your mentor a minimum of six times per semester (for about an hour) with your mentor, and record these meetings on Moodle.
  3. Set goals for personal and spiritual growth as you make this relationship a priority.
  4. Communicate with the Mentoring Coordinator as required, meeting at least once in person for accountability and prayer.
  5. Write a letter of thanks to the scholarship donor (fall) and a reflection on mentoring (spring).
  6. Attend one Mentoring Program event.

No late entries can be accepted. It is the studentís responsibility to ensure that all forms are received by the deadline. Please select a reference who knows you well and provide ample time to submit the form by the deadline. The application and recommendation form are due via email by 4pm on Friday, Feb. 28 to (Forms are available at

Please note: Students receiving this scholarship must be studying on-campus for the semester(s) of scholarship award. Mentoring relationships must not be associated with employment or paid student leadership positions. (Students receiving a stipend and placed into a mentoring relationship--such as R.A.s, W.A.s., and Student Senate Executive Team--are not qualified.) Failure to meet the requirements or demonstrate a genuine desire to grow through mentoring will result in the revocation of the scholarship.

Contact Mentoring Coordinator Lisa Jousma at for more information.

For students new to the scholarship program

Application Form     Reference Form

For students wishing to continue in the scholarship program

Renewal Form     Recommendation Form