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Calvin College Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program at Calvin College seeks to develop maturing and increasingly devoted disciples of Jesus Christ among the students of Calvin College by linking one generation of Jesusí followers with the next in mentoring relationships.

Mentoring is about forming an intentional relationship with someone a little further down the road of life. Mentors can play various roles in a student's life: wise counsel, a listening ear, encouragement, challenge, accountability, prayer, friendship. Each mentoring relationship looks a little different based on what the student and mentor bring to the table. But one thing is true across the board: when we acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit in our meetings together, God can use these unique relationships in powerful ways.

At Calvin, we seek to pair students with mentors from the Calvin community and support those relationships in a variety of ways such as training, events, resources. Thanks to a generous donor, we also have a special opportunity for students with financial need to apply for our Mentoring Scholarship each spring. The scholarship application process happens each February for the coming academic year.

Hear about the program from mentors and mentees.