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Mentoring Resources

The Mentoring Office is a resource for your mentoring relationship. In addition to planning training and social events, we have a lending library and several other resources available to support your mentoring relationship.

Mentoring Students in Faith

Resolving Conflict

Concluding a Relationship

Recommended Reading

Discussion booklets available upon request:

  • Sharing Our Stories
    • This discussion booklet provides a simple starting point. Mentors and students commit to meeting together six times. Our booklet provides a topic and discussion questions for each week's conversation--walking you through your childhood, your journey toward independence, your faith, and your sense of calling. The final week encourages you to discuss where to go next--whether to end here or continue the mentoring relationship.
  • Life Beyond Calvin: A Booklet for Seniors and their Mentors
    • This resource promotes helpful dialogue for mentors and mentees as students anticipate the changes that graduation will bring. Includes topics such as dealing with senioritis, navigating changes in relationships, and facing new responsibilities.
  • Heart to Heart: Discussions for Women
    • This booklet covers topics such as self-image, relationships with family and friends, finding balance among varied demands, romantic relationships, faith and the future.