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Calvin College Mentoring Program

Mentoring Scholarship Renewal Application 2015-2016

Mentor's Recommendation Form

Please submit this form by 4pm on Feb. 27. No late entries can be accepted.

 has applied for renewal of the Mentoring Scholarship for 2015-2016. If selected, he/she will meet with a mentor a minimum of six times per semester and make growth through mentoring a priority. (Note that even if you do not plan to continue mentoring this student next year, you’re requested to fill out this recommendation form.)

Please evaluate the student on each of the characteristics listed below. Comment as needed.


Strength (4) --------- Challenge (1)
(open, honest, asks good questions)
(made initial contact, set up meetings, set goals for growth)
(on time, enough notice when rescheduling was necessary, followed through on his/her word)
(genuine desire to grow, relationship appeared to be a priority)
(demonstrated good character, trustworthy, genuine)



Mentor Name:

Department/Connection to Calvin:

How long have you known the candidate?


NOTE: This portion of the form will be sumbitted.