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Calvin College Mentoring Program

Mentoring Scholarship 2015-2016

Recommendation Form

Please submit this form by 4pm on Feb. 27. No late entries can be accepted.

 has applied for the Mentoring Scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year. If selected, he/she will meet with a mentor a minimum of six times per semester and work toward specific goals for growth while receiving a stipend toward tuition.

Why do you believe this student could especially benefit from having a mentor?

Do you have any concerns about this studentís degree of commitment and contribution required in a healthy mentoring relationship? If yes, please explain.

Please evaluate the student on each of the characteristics listed below. Comment as needed.


Strength (4) --------- Challenge (1)
(open, honest, asks good questions)
(desire to grow, follow-through, ability to prioritize)
(demonstrates good character, trustworthy, genuine)


ADDITIONAL COMMENTS about this student as a potential mentee:

Reference Name:


Relationship to the candidate:

How long have you known the candidate:


NOTE: This portion of the form will be sumbitted.