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Calvin College Mentoring Program

Mentoring Scholarship Renewal Application 2015-2016

Application Form

Please submit this form and you mentor's recommendation by 4pm on Feb. 27. Sorry, no late entries are accepted.


Student ID#:

Home Town/State:

Date of Birth:

Current GPA:

Graduation Date:

Major:    Minor


Current Mentor (if applicable):

Do you plan to continue with this mentor or do you plan to have a new mentor?
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1. Write a short essay (1 page or less) describing your 2014-15 mentoring relationship and its impact on you. What have you learned through having a mentor?

2. Describe your reasons for wanting to continue a mentoring relationship next year. List at least two specific goals for growth.

3. In light of having received both a mentor and a scholarship this past year, in what way might you give back to the Calvin community should you receive this scholarship again? (ex: mentor a freshman, represent mentoring at an info fair, serve on a student panel…Other ideas are welcome!).

4. The Mentoring Program is open to any student who desires to have a mentor, while the scholarship exists especially to assist students with financial need. Please explain why you need this scholarship in addition to having a mentor, including any special circumstances that may not be reflected in your FAFSA score.

5. List any co-curricular commitments you may have for next year (e.g. sports, musical ensembles, internships, student teaching, leadership, j0bs, off-campus travel, etc.). How do you plan to make growth through mentoring a priority?

NOTE: Please provide this link to your mentor for recommendation: