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Calvin College Mentoring Program

Mentoring Scholarship 2015-2016

Application Form

Please submit this form by 4pm on Feb. 27.


Student ID#:

Local Address:


Home Town/State:

Date of Birth:

Current GPA:

Gender: Male Female

Class Status (current): Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman

Major:    Minor


Current Mentor (if applicable):


Faculty/Staff reference:


1. Short essay (minimum of 300 words): Briefly introduce yourself and tell a bit of your story. Include any experiences you may have had with mentoring in the past, and give your reasons for wanting to participate in the mentoring program.

2. What would you bring to a mentoring relationship and what would you hope to gain from it? List and explain two or three specific goals for how you hope to grow through a mentoring relationship.

3. The Mentoring Program is open to any student who desires to have a mentor, while the scholarship exists especially to assist students with financial need. Explain why you need this scholarship in addition to having a mentor, including any special circumstances that may not be reflected in your FAFSA score.

4. List any co-curricular commitments you may have for next year (e.g. sports, musical ensembles, internships, leadership, student teaching, j0bs, off-campus travel, etc.). How do you plan to make growth through mentoring a priority?

NOTE: Please provide this link to your reference person: