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Contact: Aminah Al-Attas Bradford

AminahI was born and raised in Houston, TX. My mother is from Kansas, my father was from Yemen and my sister lives in Boulder where she’s becoming a rockstar, I’m serious.

Important things to know about me: I love dark chocolate, non-fiction, writing, photography, my husband’s eyes, liturgy, local businesses, fiction, sacrament, Saturdays, college students, all things creative, my freedom, my sweaters, a Canadian dog named Georgia and the God who made them all. I hate plastic and facebook. I went to Wheaton College and then spent a year and a half learning from street kids in Honduras. I then spent four years in Houston coordinating service-learning and international missions-learning at Houston Baptist University.

From there I went to Regent College in Vancouver for my M.Div. and am still working towards ordination in the CRC at Calvin Seminary. I confess to being a struggler. I know where my keys are only half of the time, my over active imagination keeps me checking closets for boogie men, I never quite feel on top of all the things I should. But it is my deepest joy to be available to Calvin students as we struggle together to let the mysterious triune God befriend us and draw us close. Please feel free to stop in anytime.