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Psalms Study | Week 9 - Praying Our Doubt

This week's study: Psalm 73

Additional Questions

Questions for the Text:

  • What stands out to you about the structure of this Psalm?
  • How does our belief in the Holy Spirit change/shape our reading of this Psalm – specifically, verses 16-17?

Questions for Our Lives:

  • Psalm 73 speaks of the psalmist’s jealousy of non-believers. What worldly beliefs/practices/trappings make you feel jealous sometimes? What does that say about the state of your heart?
  • Re-read verses 13-14. Have you ever experienced a time where you felt like that? How did you handle it?

Now or Later

Psalm 49 reiterates the truth of our spiritual condition – apart from God, we have nothing. All earthly wealth, stature, and possessions are temporary, and ultimately meaningless. Read through Psalm 49. Then, commit to praying each day this week for someone you know who is not living in right relationship with God. Pray that he/she will know their need for God, and provide you or others opportunities to show and speak about God’s love to that person. 


Boogalu Psalm 73
Link (YouTube)


Carl Bosma, CTS Assoc. Prof. of Old Testament, Psalm 73

Kelly Larsen, Senior Student, Praying Our Doubt, Psalm 73

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