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Psalms Study | Week 8 - Praying Our Tears

This week's study: Psalm 6

Additional Questions

Questions for the Text:

  • What words would you use to describe the language used by David? How is his language significant?
  • What is the significance of verse ten? Why would David’s enemies be overwhelmed by “shame and anguish?”

Questions for Our Lives:

  • David’s life was often threatened by enemies who wanted to kill him or take his throne. Who are the enemies who cause you grief in your life? How do they threaten or harm you physically, spiritually, or emotionally?
  • How often do you weep for/with others? Why might that be an important part of the Christian life?

Now or Later

Peterson encourages us to spend time pouring out our feelings to God. Use the guided prayer below, based on Psalm 6, to help facilitate an expression of your feelings for yourself, or the suffering/struggles of another. Read through the prayer, incorporating the circumstances you are thinking of. Then spend some time thinking, praying, or journaling about how God might respond to this prayer.

Lord and Father,

Have mercy on (   ). You are God, and (  ) are merely human. Spare (   ) from your anger and wrath. (  ) feels the anguish and burden of (   ). Take pity Sovereign Lord, for You are great and in control.

Lord, how long will you allow things to be this way? Please do not ignore these prayers. I know you can hear them, for You are always near.

Do not withhold Your love Lord. Do not allow (   ) to wither in spirit, or to lose hope. You are our Lord. Our God. Our King. Please show Yourself in this situation, lest (   ) be lost in tears, and sorrow.

O Lord, (   ) is really struggling with (   ). Protect (   ) from enemies, and from Satan, the Spiritual enemy. Restore and renew (   ) strength and faith. Show Your presence, and bring healing, and hope where it is needed.

I praise You Lord, because You hear these prayers. You love Your people, and You will always remain faithful to them. Help (   ) to remember that always.

Have mercy on (   ). Whatever happens, protect (   )’s faith, and help (   ) to know Your goodness and wisdom, even if (he/she/they) can not see it.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit I pray. Amen.


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Debra Rienstra, English Professor, Psalm 6

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