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Psalms Study | Week 7 - Praying Our Hate

This week's study: Psalm 137

Additional Questions

Questions for the Text:

  • How does this psalm compare in structure to other psalms we’ve read so far? How might that be significant?
  • How might God respond to the author of this psalm?

Questions for Our Lives:

  • Is there a people group that you see in a similar way as the Israelites saw the Babylonians? Why? How would Christ compel you to respond to them?
  • Is there a healthy way to express feelings of hatred in a community of faith? If so, what might it look like?

Now or Later

Peterson recommends praying through Psalms 138 and 139 in order to continue praying through strong emotions. This week, read through Psalm 137, 138, and 139 consecutively at the end of the day. Use these psalms as a jumping off point to process your day, and the variety of emotions you experienced throughout it.


By the Rivers of Babylon Croydon SDA Gospel Choir
Link (YouTube)


Bill Robinson, President Emeritus of Whitworth University, Psalm 130

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