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Psalms Study | Week 6 - Praying Our Fear

This week's study: Psalm 23

Additional Questions

Questions for the Text:

  • Why would the shepherd’s “rod and staff” in verse four be a source of comfort?
  • What is the significance of the speaker being seated at the table in the presence of his enemies in verse five?

Questions for Our Lives:

  • How can we tangibly be led to “quiet waters,” and have our souls restored by God?
  • What is a practical way that you can be reminded of God’s faithfulness during a time of fear or anxiety?

Now or Later

On your own, read Isaiah 40 aloud, as Peterson says. This passage is largely about the might and majesty of God, and His centrality over all creation. Take some time to go slowly through it, then think, pray, or journal about these questions:

How does your view of yourself line up with this passage? Is your attitude similar to the Scriptures?  How does a proper view of God and self help us overcome fear, and feel more comfortable?


Leonard Bernstein "Adonai ro-I (Combination of Psalm 2 and 23)
Link (YouTube)

John Rutter: Requiem 6/7 - The Lord is my shepherd
Link: (YouTube)


John Boyer Psalm 23
Link (YouTube)


Mary Hulst, College Chaplain, Psalm 23

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