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Psalms Study | Week 4 - Praying Our Sin

This week's study: Psalm 51

Additional Questions

Questions for the Text:

  • What does verse four teach us about how we should respond to sin?
  • In verse eleven, David asks God not to take His Holy Spirit away. How might David’s understanding of the Holy Spirit differ from ours?

Questions for Our Lives:

  • Peterson says “our experience of sin does not consist of doing some bad things, but of being bad. It is a fundamental condition of our existence, not a temporary lapse into error.” What does he mean by this statement? Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • How can we create a Christian culture that is more open about our sin, and our need for forgiveness?

Now or Later

Attempt to do Peterson’s exercise at least once this week, focusing on a particular sin, or pattern of sin behavior.


Greek Orthodox (In English)
Link (YouTube)

Gregorio Allegri - Miserere Mei, Deus (Psalm 51)
Link: (YouTube)


Praying Our Sin - A Corporate Prayer of Confession

Personal Prayer for Confession


Dale Cooper, Chaplain, Emeritus, Psalm 51

Aminah Bradford, Associate Chaplain of Residence Life, Praying Our Sin

Other Resources

Confession Week Dumpsters

Would you like to confess your sins to another? Click here for a schedule of confessional times to meet with a Campus Ministries Staff during Confession Week.

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