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Psalms Study | Week 2 - Praying Our Inattention

This week's study: Psalm 1

Additional Questions

Questions for the Text:

  • Why does the author use the word “delight” in verse two?
  • How are we to understand the phrase “whatever they do prospers” in verse three? Does this mean that Christians will always get their way?

Questions for Our Lives:

  • How do we love and share Christ with the scoffers and mockers in our lives, without becoming too influenced by them?
  • What ways does our culture make it hard to cultivate a meditative mindset?

Now or Later

Peterson suggests using Psalm 119 in prayer and devotion this week, to help form a meditative mindset. Consider meditating on the following passages during quiet time, or throughout the day during the upcoming week:

  • Day 1 – Verse 1-24
  • Day 2 – Verse 25-48
  • Day 3 – Verse 49–80
  • Day 4 – Verse 81–104
  • Day 5 – Verse 105–128
  • Day 6 – Verse 129–152
  • Day 7 – Verse 153–176


Psalm 1 Acapella
Link (You Tube)

Brian Moss – Joy Will Come to You
Link (MP3)

Sons of Korah singing Psalm 1
Link (MP3)


Andy McCoy, Visiting Scholar, Psalm 1


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