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Psalms Study | Week 1 - Getting the Most Out of the Psalms


Before diving into the Psalms, we’re going to take some time this week to orient ourselves, and get to know one another as a group. This will be beneficial in getting the most out of our time together over the coming weeks.

  • Take a minute for each member of the group to introduce him/herself.
  • Read Peterson, pages 5-7.
  • Respond to the following questions:
  • How might the poetry of the Psalms helpful for our relationship with God?
  • How might we use the Psalms to strengthen our prayer life?
  • Read the “Suggestions for Members of a Group Study” on pages 8-9.

Group Covenant

This year, we would like each group to form a “Group Covenant” with one another. It is our hope that during the course of this bible study, your group will commit to fulfilling an agreed upon set of expectations. This will help ensure that everyone in your group is on the same page, and committed to making this bible study the best possible experience it can be.

Your Group Covenant can be in writing or verbal. Here are some sample issues you may want to address with your covenant:

  • What time will you meet, and where?
  • The Psalms study lasts for ten weeks. How many times is it reasonable to expect a group member to attend?
  • Will the members of your group do any reading before they meet? If so, what is everyone expected to read?
  • What are common goals for your time together? What can you do to make sure those goals are met?
Additionally, you may want group members to answer the following True/False questions:
  • I want music incorporated into the study before or after the discussion
  • I want art incorporated into the study
  • I want to bring food or drinks to this study
  • I want to be called upon directly to answer questions
  • I want to take turns leading the study


Mary Hulst, College Chaplain, Introduction to the Psalms


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