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Leader Name Day Time
Kruis, Megan and Lisa Jousma - Sabbath study (FULL) Monday 12:30 pm
Andrew, Brianna - Sabbath study Thursday 09:30 pm
Bolt/Heyns/Timmer Sabbath study groups
Postma, Matt - Sabbath Study (FULL) Tuesday 07:30 pm
Bilkert, Kara - Sabbath Study Thursday 08:00 pm
Shaffer, Jason - Sabbath study Wednesday 04:00 pm
Kraegel, Irene - Sabbath study Wednesday 12:00 pm
Zylstra, Robin - Sabbath Study (FULL) Wednesday 12:00 pm
Feenstra, Lori - Sabbath study Thursday 12:00 pm
Rotunno, Megan - Sabbath study Sunday 06:30 pm
Zwiers, James - Sabbath Study (FULL) Friday 04:30 pm
Kim, Grace - Sabbath Study Sunday 04:00 pm
Ferwerda, Yvonne - Sabbath study Friday 12:30 pm