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Leader Name Day Time
Yonker, Julie Tuesday 12:00 pm
Slemp, Katie Tuesday 07:00 pm
Steiner, Samantha and Emily Pelland Tuesday 07:00 pm
Swim Team members - Erika Waugh 08:00 pm
Crow, Bob Thursday 04:00 pm
Ziegler, Nate Wednesday 08:00 pm
Terpstra, Robert Sunday 06:30 pm
Bergwerff, Ken (FULL) Friday 06:15 am
Bos, Daniel Monday 10:30 am
Miller, Tiffany and David Jaggard Tuesday 09:00 pm
Ferwerda, Yvonne Wednesday 12:00 pm
VandeStreek, Kevin (FULL) day 00:00 pm
Rotunno, Megan Sunday 07:00 pm
Geelhoed, Deanna Monday 03:30 pm
Tirpak, Trey Saturday 10:30 am
Fuller, Aynsley Tuesday 03:30 pm
DeGroot, Lyndsay Saturday 10:00 am
PN Harambee house, James Zwier Friday 05:00 pm
Kusserow, Beth Wednesday 08:30 pm