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Leader Name Day Time
Yonker, Julie Tuesday 12:00 pm
Groups meeting in Kalsbeek/Huizenga/vanReken
Groups meeting in Noordewier/Vanderwerp
Groups meeting in Bolt/Heyns/Timmer
Groups meeting in Beets/Veenstra
Groups meeting in Rooks/VanDellen
Groups meeting in Schultze/Eldersveld
Groups meeting in Boer/Bennink
Crow, Bob Thursday 04:00 pm
Ziegler, Nate Wednesday 08:00 pm
Terpstra, Robert Sunday 06:30 pm
Bos, Daniel Monday 10:30 am
Miller, Tiffany and David Jaggard Tuesday 09:00 pm
Ferwerda, Yvonne Wednesday 12:00 pm
VandeStreek, Kevin (FULL) day 00:00 pm
Rotunno, Megan Sunday 07:00 pm
Geelhoed, Deanna Monday 03:30 pm
Tirpak, Trey Saturday 10:30 am
Fuller, Aynsley Tuesday 03:30 pm
DeGroot, Lyndsay Saturday 10:00 am
PN Harambee house, James Zwier Friday 05:00 pm
Kusserow, Beth Wednesday 08:30 pm
VanAntwerp, Jeremy Sunday 06:00 pm
Feenstra, Lori (FULL) Wednesday 11:00 am
Lee, Joseph and Ana Barahona Saturday 09:00 am
Nelessen, Rose Monday 06:00 pm
Koenig, Jordan and Daniel Harold Tuesday 08:00 pm
Rienstra, Carol Sunday 03:30 pm
May, Marly - Women's XC team members Wednesday 08:30 pm
Schimmel, Libby Friday 07:00 am
Schank, Matt Wednesday 08:00 pm
Postma, Matt Monday 08:00 pm
Project Neighborhood Peniel House, Richard Visser Monday 09:30 pm
Nguyen, Tina Tuesday 09:00 pm
Kim, Grace and Jamie Cheeney Thursday 08:00 pm
Bosma, Kary Tuesday 07:30 pm
Widitz, Peter Wednesday 07:00 pm
Wisse, Jessica Thursday 09:00 pm
Worship Apprentices (FULL) day 00:00 pm
VanDrunen, Leonard and Cal Jen Thursday 03:00 pm
Andrew Pruim - Hungary day 00:00 pm
Jensen, Allan day 00:00 pm