Sue Kang


What or who convinced you to come to Calvin?

God. I had applied to many schools, and through the replies I received, it was certain that I was meant to come to Calvin College. To be honest, I had my own dream schools and goals, but God wanted me to come to Calvin, so I did.

What were your first impressions of Calvin when you arrived? Have they changed?

Since I went to Grand Rapids Christian High School, I had visited and heard about Calvin a lot. The name “Calvin” was familiar to me, and the campus as well. I would say that the first impression was just good, and the first impressions have not changed. I discovered a variety of strengths about Calvin.

What kind of academic resources are available for students?

There are many academic resources for students. The best academic resources are, of course, your professors! The professors at Calvin are kind and friendly, and they want to know each of the students. They are ready to answer any questions from us, and they love to talk with us. When you are having some difficulties understanding a certain subject, you can apply for a tutor. You only have to apply for a tutor, and they are free for you. The resource that was helpful for me the most was the Rhetoric Center. I used to make appointments when I had papers due. The students who work at RC are willing to work anything about your paper with you.

What do you do on the weekend?

I spend the most of the weekend at church. I have been serving as a praise team singer for a while, so I spend about half of the day preparing for the service on Saturdays. Rather than church activities, I try to take a break from studying by watching TV, sleeping, going to restaurants, and so on. However, I get busy finishing homework for the week on Sunday nights.

What is the best class you've taken?

I liked English 101 with Professor Visser. It is a core course that everyone has to take, and I enjoyed the energy that the professor had in classes, and many kinds of papers that I wrote helped me to improve my writing skills.

As an international student, how does Calvin help make you feel at home?

Please remember, there are other students like you! There are so many other international students that you can feel comfortable. You are not the only one who feels like that. The wide range and number of international students in Calvin definitely benefits many students. International students have each other to connect to, and there are many activities for us as well.Meeting people like me helps a lot to make me feel at home.


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