María Rodríguez


Reading, making crafts, spending time with her children, traveling, running and walking with friends

Spanish-speaking countries visited

Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador

Additional information
  • Mentors young mothers/refugee teenagers
  • Organizes cultural activities with Latino women
  • Teaches Sunday School
  • Collaborates with Christian/public school programs


  • BA (Spanish and English Language and Literature K-12; Licenciatura in Foreign Language Teaching) Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras
  • MA (Education/Reading) Grand Valley State University 1998
  • PhD candidate Wayne State University

Courses taught


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Academic interests

  • Spanish immersion education
  • Foreign language teaching strategies
  • Latin American folklore
  • Indigenous groups of Honduras and their oral traditions

Recent activities

  • Participation in workshops for immersion educators
  • Presentations for STEP program about Latin American music styles
  • Will be going to two workshops in August at the Universidad Pedagogica Nacional in Honduras



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