Kayla Danahy


What surprised you about Calvin after you arrived?

How at home I felt on campus.  Everyone at Calvin is so friendly and genuine.  I got closer with the girls on my floor than I had expected and now they are my second family.  There’s also a lot to do on campus during the weekends, like Buck Fridays and Knight Life.  I was never bored staying on campus during the weekends, because people stick around. 

What do you think makes Calvin distinct?

Calvin lets you make your faith your own.  Many people think that going to a Christian College means becoming relaxed in your faith, but at Calvin, I was challenged to really dive deeper into my faith, explore what I believed, and discover why I believe it.  Through optional chapels and a LOFT service on Sunday night, I had to motivate myself to go to these things.  My professors bring faith into our lectures daily, which helps students to learn how to relate their faith to what they are learning.  Calvin has also taught us a lot about discernment and developing our world view, which means figuring out how our faith relates to the world, and how we can use our faith the make good, informed decisions.

What has been your best experience at Calvin so far?

Dorm life has been awesome!  I’ve gotten very close with the girls on my floor and we have so much fun together.  Dorm life is awesome because you live with a bunch of people who are going through the same things you are.  I’ve had fun getting to know people from other dorms as well from floor outings.  During floor outings, you will do something fun with just your floor or another floor, like go ice skating, or to the park.  Some of my favorite outings have been to watch the fireworks at “Celebration on the Grand”, and going to Aerials, a gymnastics center with tons of trampolines and a foam pit. 

How are the academics at Calvin?

The academics at Calvin are excellent.  Your professors really care about you and how you’re doing in the class.  If they see you aren’t showing up often or are falling in your grade, they will personally check with you to make sure everything is OK.  Calvin is challenging in their academics, which is great because it allows you to challenge your thinking and dive deeper into subjects.

What is your favorite on-campus event?

I love the outdoor cookouts!  For these, the cafeteria grills out for us and we can sit out on commons lawn to eat lunch or dinner.  It’s always fun to sit out in the sun and enjoy a meal with friends on a beautiful day.

Favorite eating place in Grand Rapids?

Definitely Wolfgang’s in East Town.  They have an early bird breakfast that’s super cheap and yummy!