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Nintendo announces 3DS without 3D

On Aug. 28, 2013, Nintendo, the famed Japanese game developer responsible for creating Mario, “Pokemon” and numerous...

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Sony PlayStation 4 “Reveal” Vaporous, Uncertain

Game consoles, unlike most other consumer electronic devices, tend to be maintained for years between updates. The last ...

As video games develop, so must discernment

  As each new form of media comes into existence it is necessary for people to discern it, to uncover what parts of...

The Vita features a five-inch screen.
Sony Vita faces challenges in changing market

Sony Corp. has had its challenges lately. Last year, the Japanese conglomerate lost around 90 billion yen ($1.2 billion)...

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Violent video games and movies permissible

I went to see the SAO’s showing of “The Hunger Games” last weekend and stayed around for the discussion. Prof. Van...