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Photo courtesy NASA.
Observatory Corner: Nov. 8

This week the observatory will be open during clear weather from 7:30 to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday. The weather ap...

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Observatory Corner: King of the Planets

A poll was recently conducted of all on-campus Sci-Tech writers whose last names end with “ooten”, and in a statisti...

Photo courtesy NASA.
Observatory Corner: Space is a colorful place

Looking up in the night sky, space looks like a black-and-white world. Sure, there are famous exceptions like red Betelg...

Partially funded by the National Science Foundation, this $80,000 device is made available to you four days a week if the sky is clear. Photo by Christian Bell
Observatory Corner

Maybe in your campus wanderings you’ve seen the big white bump on top of the Science Building. One of the highest plac...