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Grand Rapids implements marijuana decriminalization

Nearly six months after Grand Rapids voters approved a measure to amend the city charter to make marijuana a civil infra...

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Michigan legislators introduce bill to decriminalize marijuana

Legislators have introduced a bill to decriminalize marijuana in the state of Michigan with bipartisan support. The bill...

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Police raids on medical marijuana dispensaries lead to arrests

Several medical marijuana dispensaries in Grand Rapids have been raided and arrests have been made as police enforce a M...

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Constitutional showdown lurks as states legalize marijuana

“The Rocky Mountains just got a whole lot higher,” said Matt Ferner of the Huffington Post as Colorado becomes one o...

Grand Rapids politicians are split over the proposal.  Residents will decide on Nov. 6.  File photo
Proposal aims to decriminalize marijuana in Grand Rapids

On the ballot in Grand Rapids on Nov.6 will be a proposal to decriminalize the possession of marijuana. The proposal wou...