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U.S. Senate’s filibuster should be reformed

As major political issues such as immigration reform, health care and budget matters all vie for the spotlight in Washin...

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What to do about the government shutdown

Students of a certain political persuasion will no doubt see truth in this prophecy: “The question of the state is now...

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Government shutdown affects friends and family of Calvin students

This October marked the first time in 17 years that the U.S. government shut down, and the inaction of Congress is havin...

Obama’s budget proposal has long road ahead

On April 10, 2013, President Obama proposed a new budget that will cut social security benefits, reduce tax loopholes fo...

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What the sequestration means for America’s future

A week ago today saw President Obama sign into place an order for $85 billion in automatic spending cuts within the US e...

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Sequestration cuts will have serious impact on Michigan

The looming government spending cuts known as the sequester could have serious impacts on the Michigan government and ec...