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Photo courtesy student senate
First year student votes discounted due to error in election ballot

Serious issues plagued the start of the student senate elections as students attempting to vote complained that they wer...

Senate Election Poll Results

Chimes took an informal poll of 210 students Wednesday evening to capture current student opinions before Thursday̵...

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Prospective executive teams begin their campaigns

Two executive teams will campaign for student body president and executive vice president starting midnight on Thursday....

Photo courtesy student senate
No competition for upcoming student senate race

Despite the impending registration date in early April, only one team has registered for student senate executive team e...

Kenya set for first presidential elections since post-election violence in 2007-2008

Kenyan citizens and international observers are keenly reviewing activities of Kenyan political parties as presidential ...

OSCE alleges abuses in Ukrainian election

As elections within Ukraine come to a close, several international observers, including the Organization of Security and...