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Editor-in-Chief — Josh Parks (


Josh Parks is the Editor-in-Chief of Chimes this year after rising through the ranks as a copy editor, religion editor and then print editor. He’s a junior from Holland, MI, studying violin performance and English literature, and he splits his time approximately equally between the Commons Annex basement and the CFAC practice room hallway. He also takes credit for the ancient Roman climate joke in Maddie’s bio two spots over. Josh eagerly awaits every chance to throw a Tolkien reference, Disney song or Princess Bride quote into a conversation (or maybe even an article). While his fascination with things like faculty senate and administrative committees may seem rather unusual, he’s excited to keep students informed about the goings-on at Calvin for another year.


Print Editor — Maddie Hughey (


Maddie Hughey is the print editor for the 2016-2017 school year after having been campus co-editor, on-call writer and staff writer in years past. She is a junior from the south of France and sometimes the southwest of Michigan, double-majoring in classical studies and environmental studies — and no, she will not tell you about the climate in ancient Rome. Maddie can most often be found reading anything and everything thereby conveniently forgetting about homework or riding horses with the Calvin Equestrian Club (yes, it actually exists). If she ever grows up, she hopes to move out west and have grand adventures. She would also like to point out that she enjoys things like faculty senate and administrative committees so much more than Josh. She is the original #facsen hipster.

Online Editor — Mark Peless (


Mark is the online editor this year, which means that he has control of everything that goes on the Internet. Last year he was the sports editor, so his expertise with hard-hitting journalism will now transcend final scores and statistics. A junior writing and social work double major from Grand Rapids, Mark never strays too far from home, which will now be the Chimes office. Though sports will always occupy a small place in his heart, he is ready and excited for his new role and to blow the collective minds of Calvin’s students, alumni and staff. Mark is never one to shy in the face of great adversity, and tries his hardest to maintain a mental fortitude which oh so subtly infects the will of those around him. He is objectively a good guy, and should you ever cross his path, you will one day tell tales of him to your grandchildren.

Photo Editor – Claire Niemeier (



Claire Niemeier is the photo editor for Chimes this year. She is a senior from Wrightstown, Wisconsin, majoring in graphic design with minors in photography and Spanish. She loves hiking, taking photos and traveling (or even better, doing all three at once). Claire also find much joy in great pieces of design, live music and beating her father at ping pong. She’s excited to bring to you this year in photos!


Campus News Editor — Julia McKee (


Julia is a co-campus editor for the 2017 spring semester. She is a junior literature major and business minor, hoping to someday go into the book publishing industry. She currently lives in Eastown and digs all the trendy coffee shops. She admires thought provoking literature and films that highlight current social issues. She loves learning, especially about cultures and viewpoints that are different from her own. She’s a proud Chicagoland native, but Grand Rapids now holds a very special place in her heart (probably because of all the coffee shops). She’s a Game of Thrones enthusiast and will discuss fan theories anytime anywhere. When’s she not working at Chimes, nannying, doing homework, or going to class, she’s most definitely think about her cats (shoutout to Snickers, Captain, and Rascals). She is honored to be on the Chimes staff this semester and aspires to represent the voice of the community.


Campus News Editor — Courtney Zonnefeld (


Courtney Zonnefeld is a co-campus editor for the 2016 year, having previously written for that same section. She is a junior writing major from Des Moines, Iowa (home of the nation’s best Farmers’ Market). Courtney can often be found in the kitchen trying a new recipe or in a cozy chair enjoying a new book. If she’s not currently sipping a cup of tea, she’s probably brewing up a fresh pot. Her life goals include remembering to water her plants and collecting every book C.S. Lewis ever wrote.

Campus News Editor — Mike Lentz (


Mike isn’t sure if this bio is supposed to be in the first person or the third person, but he has decided to go with the third person even though he wrote it himself. Mike is a resident assistant on second Huizenga, a fresh choreographer for Dance Guild, a senior linguistics major taking 20 credits this semester and a campus co-editor for Chimes (what’s one more thing, right?). He is officially an uncle as of three weeks ago to a baby named Jackson Joseph Lentz (born August 18, twenty inches long, weighing nine pounds, one ounce — but enough about him). Mike is originally from Annapolis, Maryland. He appreciates good film, furniture, plants, coffee and conversation. Mike loves Beyoncé and has recently fallen in love with gospel music (thanks to Kanye West), and if you have any song/artist recommendations from any music genre, Mike will accept them. He likes to read, even though he’s a slow reader. Although he’s not ready for the “real world” after graduation, he’s got a whole year to pretend like he’s OK with that.

Sports Editor — Purun Yeo (


 Local Editor — Carolyn Muyskens (


Carolyn is your local editor for the 2016–2017 school year. When in class, she studies language and people and how they’ve shaped one another throughout history — the disciplines formally known as linguistics and literature. Outside-of-class activities include eating (lots of it), sleeping (less so) and running (sporadically). Carolyn has the listening habits of a middle-aged man: mostly NPR and various selections from the dad-rock genre. She has never returned a library book on time, but for some reason Hekman Library still lets her work for them. She looks forward to connecting you to the Grand Rapids community through local news and perhaps beginning to puncture that “Calvin bubble” we’ve been known to inhabit.


Arts and Entertainment Editor — Brandon Schreur (


Brandon Schreur is the Arts and Entertainment editor this year. He’s a junior majoring in writing and film studies. He’s from Holland, Michigan, and this is his first year on the Chimes staff. Brandon has an intense love for all things media and especially film — watching movies is how he spends almost all of his free time. Some of his favorites are “Inside Llewyn Davis,” “Sing Street” and “Jurassic Park,” but his favorite guilty pleasure movie has to be “Pitch Perfect.” He loves talking and writing about media, and his dream in life is to become a professional film critic. He’s really excited to discuss pop culture with you all this year!


Religion Editor — Kathryn Post (


Kathryn Mae Post is a junior political science and writing major who occasionally refers to herself in third person. She is passionate about worship leading, being from New Jersey and drinking hazelnut lattes. Additionally, she is highly prone to spontaneous outbursts of song. Kathryn loves the one true triune God with the entirety of her being.  She is also fond of Disney movies and discussions about social justice. If you want to stay on her good side,l bribe her with Nutella and refrain from using the word “literally” in the wrong context. Kathryn is exuberant about being on the Chimes staff and hopes to help create both enduring writing and unforgettable memories this year.

Science and Technology Editor — Sadie Burgher (


Sadie Burgher is utterly tickled to be making her Chimes debut as the Science and Technology editor. She is a half-Ecuadorian native of Montgomery, Alabama, and is double majoring in Writing and Environmental Studies with a focus in Geography. In addition to editing for Chimes this year, she is also serving a Resident Assistant in the Knollcrest East apartments and as a Hudson-Townsend Fellow in the Calvin Center for Faith and Writing. Throughout the past three years at Calvin, her love of traveling has been extravagantly fed through study abroad trips to Hawaii, Montana, and New Zealand; reading, yoga, and hiking are among other favorite activities on which she spends her elusive free time. Top items on Sadie’s bucket list include skydiving, visiting every country in South America, eating at a Michelin starred restaurant, seeing a Southern Right Whale in the wild, and raising a flock of heritage breed chickens and ducks.

Opinion and Editorial Editor — Kelsey Powers (


Kelsey Powers is one of the opinion and editorial editors for the 2016–17 year, after serving the same position last year. She’s a senior from Kalamazoo, Michigan studying English writing and literature, with plans to go into book publishing to become an editor. She greatly enjoys video games, creative writing, “ripping media apart and putting it back together” and having passionate conversations about virtually any topic. Writing is her vocation and it’s her goal to write 50,000 words of creative writing by the end of the fall semester. You can usually find her in the CFAC taking one of her many, many English courses or hanging out at Knollcrest if she’s on campus. Ask her about her puppy. She’ll show you pictures.


Opinion and Editorial Editor — Victor Lynde (


Victor Lynde is currently a junior in the secondary education program with a major in social studies and a minor in political science. He is a lover of Jesus Christ and a student of history, education, economics, political science and theology. He is dedicated to his faith in Jesus Christ, the exposition of the scriptures, to the principles of voluntary exchange, constitutionalism and self-government. Victor hails from Grand Rapids and is a passionate believer in the free exchange and debate of ideas. He believes that ideas and philosophies have consequences, both good and ill, and seeks to find the ones that will benefit the most people in the most positive way possible. In all things he seeks to bring glory to God and find the joy that only God can provide. Victor hopes to bring fresh and honest debate to many subjects facing us today and can’t wait to see what this year has in store.


 Features Editor— Michelle Hofman (

IMG_2969 copy

Michelle is a sophomore commuter with a double major in writing and literature to get into editing and book publication. She also has an art minor for illustration. She has this spiel memorized for anyone who cares to ask her one more time about what she is going to college for. Many think that because she is an English major she has perfect grammar, but that is far from true. Rather, she enjoys correcting others while her own grammar remains rather atrocious at times. In her spare time, once her homework is completed of course, Michelle can usually be found reading in a quiet place, away from human interaction. Not that she doesn’t enjoy a conversation about a good book or a bad class, she just prefers to be alone with people that don’t exist except between the pages of the next fantasy novel she’s gotten her hands on. 


Head Copy-Editor- Gwyneth Findlay (


Gwyneth is the head copy editor for Chimes. She’s a junior writing major who loves to find and fix everyone’s mistakes. She grew up in Ontario, which she understands is the most unfortunate way to hail from Canada, but she proudly wears the maple leaf nonetheless. She missed the stage in life when everyone finds a real hobby, so she fills her spare time with articles and podcasts on intersectionality and liberation that often make old white men furrow a brow or two. In addition to deleting commas and adding “they” pronouns across campus, Gwyneth is a SAGA leader and is always looking for conversations about gender and sexuality. She didn’t intend to become head copy editor, but since she’s here, she’s eager to seek out (and demolish) spelling errors and misplaced apostrophes.


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