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Mineral spotlight: Ice

It is about that time in the winter season when the warmth of the holidays has worn off, and those of us in Michigan are left with the cold and snow for a couple more months. […]

Doomsday clock moved up

Board members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists met recently to make a prediction. Their subject? The end of the world. The board — comprised of renowned physicists, environmental scientists and experts of national and […]

Mineral Spotlight: Pigeonite

Pigeonite is a common rock forming mineral that belongs to the pyroxene mineral group.  Pyroxenes are silicate minerals with varying amounts of calcium, iron and magnesium, and the pigeonite member has low calcium with relatively equal […]

Earthquake devastates Kaikoura, New Zealand

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand on Nov. 14, with the small, coastal town of Kaikoura receiving the maximum, highly destructive release of energy, affecting both residents and the abundant marine […]

Photo courtesy Jason Van Horn.
Moon rock comes to Calvin museum

In what proved to be the biggest event for the Dice Mineralogical Museum since its dedication in 2012, the public recept...

Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Modern physics clarifies Great Molasses Flood

Modern engineering techniques and physics equations unveiled the deadly phenomenon of the Great Molasses Flood, a molass...

President Obama’s environmental legacy

President Barack Obama’s recent conservation efforts and his pledges to slow global climate change could leave behind a commitment to sustainability and environmental efficiency, but President-elect Donald Trump has promised to overturn Obama’s environmental legacy. Near […]

Photo courtesy The Tower
Israeli scientists make breakthrough in HIV cure

Last week Israeli scientists announced that they have made a breakthrough on a cure for HIV and AIDS. Professors Abraham...

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Colonization of Mars projected within a decade

Colonization of Mars is projected to occur within our lifetime, according to National Geographic and Mars One. Not only ...

Mineral spotlight: corundum

Better known from its colored varieties, ruby and sapphire, corundum is a highly appealing mineral for both decorative and industrial use. The bright, deep colors along with its rarity and high hardness has made it an […]