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Photo courtesy NASA
Rapid sea level rise attributed to melting Antarctica

These words, sung by King George III in the musical “Hamilton,” are in reference to the newly freed United States. H...

J. Craig Venter, lead scientist on the study. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Scientists spawn simple cell

Scientists are taking the Stoic prescription of simplification to whole new levels, specifically, the cellular level. On...

Photo courtesy NASA
Arctic sea ice at a new low

Arctic sea ice cover was at its lowest extent on record this winter, scientists are reporting. Scientists at the Nationa...

Photo courtesy Daniel Blakemore
Mineral Spotlight: Cinnabar

Cinnabar has been mined for thousands of years as it is the main ore of mercury. Its name is derived from the Arabic wor...

Senior Lincoln Grevengoed (left) answers questions about his project.
Photo courtesy Natasha Strydhorst
Science students present research at conference

This past Friday, ten Calvin students presented their research at the annual Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Lette...

Photo Courtesy Wikimedia Commons user “Jacoplane”
Alcohol exposure bubbles over to future generations

Intentional consumption of alcohol from fermented beverages has played a role in shaping society for several millennia. ...

Scott Kelly.
Photo courtesy of NASA.
Great Scott! Kelly makes his last orbit

America’s longest-flying astronaut has come back to earth. On March 1, astronaut Scott Kelly, who spent the past 340 d...

Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Photo by Flickr user "Mike Deerkoski"
FBI hungry for new software, Apple not biting

Apple and the FBI are embroiled in a heated legal battle over something found in the pockets of millions of Americans: a...

Photo by Daniel Blakemore
Mineral Spotlight: Rutile

Rutile is an important economic mineral as it is a major ore of the titanium. It is usually a deep reddish brown or blac...

Hubble image of the Carina Nebula, showing several different kinds of nebulae.
Photo Courtesy NASA
Observatory Corner: The Glow Cloud

By far the most common question I get while working at the observatory is, “What is a Nebula?” The answer is complex...