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Muslim and former refugee wins Minnesota house race

Many Americans were disappointed Tuesday night when Donald Trump, whose campaign has been accused of Islamophobia, xenop...

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Richard Dawkins interviewed at local church

Biologist, acclaimed author and prominent secularist Richard Dawkins spoke at Fountain Street Church on Monday with Juli...

Looking at local churches: LaGrave CRC

When trying to juggle academics, part-time jobs, clubs and a social life, sometimes a formal liturgical worship service is a much-needed respite from life’s chaos. For Calvin junior Jenna Dyksen, LaGrave Christian Reformed Church has proven […]

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Pope Advocates for religions to be “open doors”

Pope Francis’s Nov. 3 address to representatives of different religions drew attention to the sharp contrast between t...

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Israel rejects UNESCO resolution concerning Jerusalem

On Wednesday, Oct. 26 UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee approved a controversial resolution concerning conservation of...

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Investigating a “Gospel of Terror”

Recent instances of international and domestic terrorism have led to pervasive fear of Muslim extremist groups like ISIS...

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Grasping God’s hands: new ministry emphasizes different types of prayer

“We all assume that we pray because Christians pray, but honestly? How much are we praying? And what does that look li...

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History colloquium mixes business and religion

At the history colloquium on Business and Religion on Wednesday, Oct. 19, Gloege spoke about his book “Guaranteed Pure...

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Looking at local churches: Thornapple Covenant Church

One consistent characteristic of Thornapple Covenant Church is intentional, skillfully-led worship. Located about ten mi...

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Local churches: Encounter

Haven’t been to church in a while? Encounter Church might be the perfect fit. Located just 10 minutes away from Calvin...