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The symbolism of Senator Warren’s silencing

On February 7, in an attempt to argue against the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Senator Eli...

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Uncovering the Shell of the Queen Conch

Perhaps you were able to travel during Interim. Perhaps you went south out of the Michigan winter to a more tropical reg...

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Labeling resistance

The past year, and the past three months in particular, have been an incredibly interesting time to be both a historian ...

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I’m right, you’re wrong: Calvin’s diverse ignorance

Nothing like a good ol’ election to bring us back to the playground. When I was in fifth grade, one of my best friends...

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How Christian liberal arts can combat the dangers of social media

A little while ago, I shared an article on Facebook titled “Scientists say giant asteroid could hit earth next week, c...

Let your heart be broken

As I grow older and delve deeper into the life that God has called me to, one phrase stays in the front of my mind. Bob Pierce, the founder of Samaritan’s Purse, once wrote these famous […]

Letter to the Editor: Whitewashing MLK

In the current political moment I would hope that Chimes would exercise a bit more discretion in the op-eds that it publishes. It seems to me that publishing an op-ed whitewashing, making palatable, what MLK did […]

Letter to the Editor: 1/23 op-eds

My name is Monica Johnson and I am a senior Social Work major. I am writing you because I read the Chimes that went out on January 20 and I have a discrepancy with your op-ed […]

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There will probably never be football at Calvin

Mark my words, there will never be football at Calvin. . . at least for a decade or two. For as long as I can remember, ...

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Sanctity of human life Sunday

This past Sunday was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Last week, we remembered and grieved the deaths, the murders, of 58 ...