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A worthy cause

Hello, brothers and sisters at the Knollcrest campus. We here at Handlon wish to offer you the opportunity to join us in...

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The benefits of frugality

Being frugal or fiscally conservative sometimes gets a bad reputation. The stereotype some imagine is of a paranoid and ...

Trans* rights are human rights

On Wednesday, Feb. 23, the Department of Justice rolled back protections for trans* students in public schools. Under the Obama administration, the Departments of Justice and Education issued federal protections for all trans* students to be […]

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Editorial: Give student senate things to say

One of my favorite professors at Calvin says often that students have more power here than they know. After all, we pay ...

Thoughts on Rangeela from an international student

From the very first practice, participating in Rangeela has been a truly immense experience. Such celebration of culture and diversity combined with hard work and detailed organization made Rangeela successful. However, because I love Rangeela so […]

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Editorial: How independent is Chimes?

It’s a rough time for journalism right now. The White House has attacked the credibility of publications like The New ...

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International student’s perspective on Trump’s travel ban

Within the first two weeks of his inauguration, President Donald Trump issued an executive order which, among other thin...

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Teaching in a digital age

As a future teacher and a young person born at the crossroads of the digital age I have begun to think deeply about the ...

Letter to the Editor: Tuition

Here’s an issue for Calvin students to protest — the 2017 increases in tuition, fees, room and board. Like clockwork, President Le Roy endorses annual increases of three to four percent; always justified with annual blah […]

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Collapse or renewal of earth?

We stand at a precipice in human history unlike any we’ve faced before, teetering on the edge of hope and destruction....