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Editorial: many thank-yous

Thankfully, I still have a year before I need to do the required pre-graduation sappy editorial, so that’s not what yo...

Dear Op-Ed readers

Dear student body and Chimes’ dedicated readership, First and foremost, I want to thank you for an excellent year. All the emails I’ve received and the many conversations that I’ve had, printed or private, have encouraged […]

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Is my God your God?

Christian is a word that envelopes a whole lot of different kinds of people. Here at Calvin, many of those people can be...

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Dorms are better than commuting

Let me preface this by saying that one cannot generalize about all of Calvin’s commuters nor all of the students livin...

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Practicing the day of rest

Like many students, I came to Calvin for many reasons. I came because I could study the subjects that I wanted, I could ...

The role of student senate

As the student senate election approaches once again we all begin to ask ourselves who we are going to vote for, who is ...

Letter to the Editor: The truth about employment after Calvin

Dear Editor and current Calvin students, Getting employed after college may not be what you think. As a December graduate, I immediately began applying for jobs in Grand Rapids. Although I never had an internship, I […]

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Editorial: Grasp your God-given necessities

Okay, bear with me for three minutes as I talk about vocation. We’re all sick of hearing about it — for at least two...

An image from last year’s flag display on Commons Lawn. The Sexual Assault Prevention Team hosted another flag display this year on April 19. Photo courtesy Sexual Assault Prevention Team.
Rape culture at Calvin

Does rape culture exist? A recent article in the Banner titled “Rape Culture and Christian Colleges” by Gayla Postma...

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Are women treated differently at Calvin?

I spent the four most formative years of my life, high school, at an all-­girls Catholic school. My high school’s mot...