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Woman’s greatest threat is man

In my opinion this is a reality. I do not have the luxury of choosing non-violence. When a man decides he wants to hurt me, I don’t get to pause, cool down the situation and have […]

Attention seeking Chimes?

Last week’s Chimes had what seemed to be an interesting cover story. A graph with eight data points showed a sharp decline next to the title “Lowest enrollment in decades.” The article was reasonable, explaining the […]

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Chimes stands against Trump

The following is the opinion of the Chimes editorial staff. It is not necessarily representative of the views of Calvin ...

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Hiroshima & Nagasaki: Truman’s decision

Even after many years of history and evidence, the viewpoint that Harry Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb ...

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The problem with the Peters projection

Dear Calvin College, I would like to comment on a certain map I have seen around campus in the history and sociology dep...

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In memory of Kevin Witte

“37-year-olds don’t belong in caskets.” One of the pastors at Kevin Witte’s funeral this past Monday, Oct. 3, sa...

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The occupational hazard of an Op/Ed writer

Last week I published an article about “Women in computer science.” I had intended it to be a commentary on society ...

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Reflecting on the VP debate

Over the past two weeks, we saw Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in what was hyped up to be a very vicious deba...

I’m one of seven girls in my computer science class

“This test is designed to separate the men from the boys.” This seemingly innocuous statement was made in passing by my computer science professor the other day. It was intended to be a simple explanation for […]

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Editorial: The power of religious difference

This summer, I read Diarmaid MacCulloch’s massive book “Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years.” It was full...