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Yes, Fidel Castro was an evil man

This past weekend Fidel Castro, the longest serving leader of Cuba, died peacefully. The thousands who died under his ty...

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Struggles and confessions from NaNoWriMo

For my capstone class, our final assignment was to “write the paper you feel you need to write before you leave Calvin...

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Nosotros creemos: an open letter to the Christian community

I will keep this short and sweet. You do not own our hearts. I understand that you may mean well, but please, stop telli...

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An election ends with personal fear

The author and all mentioned names have been altered to preserve the privacy of those mentioned. My house is silent toda...

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The era of Harry Potter

“I don’t think the end of the story happens here tonight,” said Daniel Radcliffe at the premiere of the last Harry...

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Letter to the Editor

To make categorical statements regarding the causes of the outcome of the recent election without any substantial eviden...

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What now: unity over division

The election of Donald Trump has less of an impact on me than it does for some people. My heart’s not breaking, I ...

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In the wake of this election, God calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves

The greatest commandment is: love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. And the second greates...

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Editorial: Give space to lament

I don’t know what to say right now. I’m angry, sad, scared and exhausted. I’m writing this on the day after the el...

Letter to the Editor: we can be better

Last Thursday night we had an incredible turnout of students for MidKnight Madness and then another terrific student “Blackout” on Friday night for the Calvin-Hope volleyball matchup. Thank you for your strong support! We need you […]