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Editorial: How independent is Chimes?

It’s a rough time for journalism right now. The White House has attacked the credibility of publications like The New ...

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International student’s perspective on Trump’s travel ban

Within the first two weeks of his inauguration, President Donald Trump issued an executive order which, among other thin...

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Teaching in a digital age

As a future teacher and a young person born at the crossroads of the digital age I have begun to think deeply about the ...

Letter to the Editor: Tuition

Here’s an issue for Calvin students to protest — the 2017 increases in tuition, fees, room and board. Like clockwork, President Le Roy endorses annual increases of three to four percent; always justified with annual blah […]

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Collapse or renewal of earth?

We stand at a precipice in human history unlike any we’ve faced before, teetering on the edge of hope and destruction....

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The symbolism of Senator Warren’s silencing

On February 7, in an attempt to argue against the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Senator Eli...

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Uncovering the Shell of the Queen Conch

Perhaps you were able to travel during Interim. Perhaps you went south out of the Michigan winter to a more tropical reg...

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Labeling resistance

The past year, and the past three months in particular, have been an incredibly interesting time to be both a historian ...

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I’m right, you’re wrong: Calvin’s diverse ignorance

Nothing like a good ol’ election to bring us back to the playground. When I was in fifth grade, one of my best friends...

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How Christian liberal arts can combat the dangers of social media

A little while ago, I shared an article on Facebook titled “Scientists say giant asteroid could hit earth next week, c...