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Amash talks drone strikes and gay marriage at Wealthy Theatre

The Wealthy Street Theater hosted a discussion on controversial issues of national security and civil liberties. The dis...

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Tensions mount over Falkland Islands referendum

Who knew a tiny series of islands off the coast of a massive continent could cause so much drama? Those islands are not ...

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Effects of Japanese tsunami still clear two years later

Two years ago, Japan was devastated by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, which was followed by a tsunami. Now, two years later...

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Angry mob targets Pakistani Christians for “blasphemy”

An angry mob in Lahore, Pakistan, exacted its own retribution for a crime of blasphemy by burning down the homes of seve...

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What the sequestration means for America’s future

A week ago today saw President Obama sign into place an order for $85 billion in automatic spending cuts within the US e...

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Debate over climate change fueled by Keystone XL Pipeline report

The debate over climate change in the United States was fueled on Friday by the latest report from the U.S. State Depart...

After Newtown, Texas leads the pack in pro-gun legislation

In Plano, Tex., a suburb of Dallas that actor Joel McHale and infamous cyclist Lance Armstrong call home, gun owners both current and hopeful may get a financial break. The city of 270,000 is largely populated […]

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Leaking of nuclear waste documented for first time in U.S. since 2005

The Hanford Site, located in the town of Hanford, Wash., is the topic of recent public criticism concerning leaking nucl...

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Chinese authorities’ first public reference to “cancer villages” raises concern on pollution levels

After a number of implicit claims and rumors, China’s environmental authority has finally acknowledged the existence o...

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G-20 summit relaxes fears of currency war

In the latest Group of 20 summit held at Moscow, the 20 finance ministers from the major economies of the world gathered...